The vLink™ Racing Computer
Real Measurement for Real Improvement

Delivering both instant feedback and post-run statistics, the vLink™ racing computer from Advanced Racing Computers helps you refine your technique and improve your competitive performance.

Who it's for
The vLink™ racing computer was designed with and for racers and ski teams. It’s an innovative new racer training tool that also creates unprecedented opportunities for coaches, sport scientists and instructors.

What it provides
When you are training and your ski edges slip, even slightly, the vLink™ racing computer gives you immediate feedback. This feedback helps you try out subtle body movements and associate them with improved carving performance. Following a run, you can view and compare statistics on your average speed, top speed, slippage and distance.

How it works
Operating at a rate of 6500 images/second, the vLink™ racing computer uses optical navigation technology to measure forward and lateral movement with millimeter precision. Two rugged, lightweight enclosures called “shuttles” mount on your skis. Each has an optical lens positioned to take images of the snow at any edge angle. The shuttles transmit data wirelessly to the system’s remote, which you wear around your neck.

The vLink™ racing computer offers two types of training performance measurement:

Instant, on-slope feedback for carving practice
An easy-to-hear tone sounds in the remote’s ear-buds when your skis slip beyond the threshold you set. The sound intensifies as your rate of slippage increases. A selectable threshold allows you to step up the challenge and make progressive improvements in your carving technique.

Post-run performance stats
The system's remote unit displays run statistics on its LCD display, including total distance, average and top speed. vLink™ stores stats for up to 99 runs and calculates the average of all runs for comparative analysis. This helps you evaluate and improve your tactics and technique from one run to the next.

Other Features
  • Lightweight, non-intrusive design does not interfere with ski performance or feel.
  • Spring-loaded, friction- damped suspension handles extreme slope conditions and edging angles.
  • Easy-to-install mounts and simple latches make shuttle installation, removal and storage effortless.
  • Shock-mount release reduces chance of injury or equipment damage in the event of a severe impact.
  • Commonly available rechargeable or alkaline batteries provide for reliable, all-day operation.
  • Auto shut-off conserves power.
  • One-year warranty, parts and labor.
  • Shuttle mounts are sold separately, so you can use your system with multiple pairs of skis.
vLink racing computer

Technical Specifications

Auto Shut-off: Yes
Battery life:  9 days of typical use (varies w/conditions)
Communication:  2.4 GHz GFSK Worldwide IPO Band
Data rate:  6500/sec
Low battery indicator: Audible
Maximum speed: 80 km/h: 48 mph
Measurement precision: 0.45 mm:
Mount dimensions: L 85.82 mm, W 50.56 mm, H 12.0 mm
L 3.38 in, W 1.99 in, H 0.473 in
On: Keyboard remote
Operating temperature: -15˚C to 55˚C
Shuttle dimensions: L 149.44 mm, W 71.0 mm, H 46.88 mm
L 5.88 in, W 2.795 in, H 1.846 in    
Shuttle power: 1 AA per pod
Shuttle weight: 149.7 g/5.28 oz w/batteries and mount
Remote dimensions: L 122.88 mm, W 42.16 mm, H 25 mm
L 4.83 in, W 1.66 in, H 0.98 in
Remote power: 2 AAA
Remote weight:  99.8 g: 3.52 oz w/batteries
Recording indicator:  Audible
Storage temperature:  -40˚C to 80˚C


System Components

  • Two shuttles containing the optical lenses and electronics.
  • Two mounts for attaching the shuttles to the skis.
  • One remote for communication, configuration and data storage.
  • One lanyard.
  • One set ear-buds.


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